iTech College Management System (iCMS)

iCMS was designed to improve the management and processing of information and data moving between an institution and the governing body of the programme they offer. This system allows and institution to connect to the governing body to pull and submit data such as programmes, courses, grades, examination timetable, news and alerts documents etc. Some of the features are:

• Programme Management
• Application Processing
• Examination
• Grades Management
• Student Profile
• Maintenance and Administration
• File Manager
• Reports

System integration is important to every institution. iCMS was designed with integration as in its core. This ensures that institutions can send and pull data seamlessly. iCMS is also able to communicate with other third party systems such as:

• iTech Student Information Management System (iSIMS) – fully integrated
• Digicel and SMS Communication for sending SMS messages
• SMTP email Server
• Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF