Network Design, Development & Maintenance

Are you planning to open a new office or moving to a new location? Maybe your current network needs to be expanded for additional employees or upgraded to accommodate an increasing workload?

iTech Innovations Limited has extensive expertise in the design and implementation of networks ranging in size from small offices to large corporations. Our broad IT experience informs both simple and complex designs, allowing us to help you make the right hardware and software decisions for your needs, and to integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Server Installation and upgrades
  • Desktop computer installation and configuration
  • Network Electronics installation and Configuration (Hubs and Switches, Routers and Firewalls)
  • Peripheral Installation (Printers, Scanners, External Drivers)
  • Network and Desktop Operation System Installation and configuration (Windows, Linux, Netware)
  • Corporate E-mail Systems (MS Exchange and Lotus Notes)
  • Backup Systems
  • Corporate Virus Protection Systems