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iTech Student Information Management System BPS

The power of iSIMS BPS lies within its many features. The system is designed to improve the management of all aspects of the operations of any Basic, Primary or High School with a mission to provide customer satisfaction. 

Some of the features are:

  • Class Management – the management of classes, form teachers,
  • Application Processing – management of all student related data and files
  • Admissions -  a major module in the system which gives the ability to create schedules/timetable, generate timetables
  • Teachers’ Portal – view and generate timetable, upload/enter grades, mark attendance, send email or SMS to class, view student profile, upload/enter homework,  upload lesson plans, respond to parents queries
  • Accounts – manage fees, student payments and statements
  • Student Services – another key module for generating students’ documents such as status reports, transcripts, user defined documents. Other features include student and parent portal management, bulk email and SMS
  • Student/Parent Portal – used to display students’ academic records such as grades, financial information, online student requests, library resources  
  • Library Management System – manages the institution’s library inventory, circulation, book rental, book list per class/grade/form and an online library catalogue
  • Health Management – manages student medical information
  • Maintenance and Administration – management of the entire system settings, user rights and privileges
  • File Manager – Upload and manages files for applicants and students
  • Reports - This module consists of all reports that are built into the system. Additional reports may be added as required
  • Online Book Store – purchase your books and back to school resources from within the application